Photography Essential Composition Techniques

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Photography Essential Composition Techniques Free Download

When you find a scene to photograph, You should arrange the elements of that scene within the frame as beautiful as you can. That is called composition.

A bad composition can ruin the photo with a great subject, But a Good composition can save a photograph with a mediocre subject. And turns a photo with a great subject into a masterpiece.

Photography: Essential Composition Techniques

In this short class, you’re gonna’ learn 17 essential composition techniques, so you can use them as guidelines to take a better photograph.

I divided these techniques into 3 categories:

  1. Compositions that make your photo visually more appealing.
  2. Compositions techniques that help you direct the viewer’s attention; and make them look at what you want them to look at.
  3. Composition techniques that make your photo more exciting

And you’re gonna learn all these fast and easily with lots of examples.

There are no unbreakable rules when it comes to composing a photograph. Who likes rules when it comes to creative activity? So think of them as guidelines that can help improve the composition of your photos.

They have been used in art for so many years and they really do help achieve more attractive compositions. When I’m setting up a shot, usually I have one or more of these guidelines in the back of my mind. They’ve been very helpful to me, I wish they’ll be helpful to you too.

Wish you the best, Good Luck.


Photography Essential Composition Techniques Download

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